Actionable Marketing Insights

Beyond basic web stats or surveys... tools and the expertise to gain a deeper understanding of your customers and how to use this information to grow your business.

Make Better Marketing Decisions!


Gain a new understanding of the details, discover what matters the most, locate opportunities for change.


Push questions beyond comfort, pinpoint opportunities, overcome barriers, solve challenges.


Illuminate observations, rewrite the focus to gain a new sense of direction, adapt, drive change and make things happen.


Galiant Insights is a consultancy company capitalizing on our combination of market knowledge and custom tools to identify strategic and actionable business opportunities. Galiant Insights works to ensure successful, revenue generating decisions for driving business growth through research, analysis, surveys and actionable recommendations across various marketing channels.

With a suite of tools and options we can help develop a custom program to go beyond the basic digital analytics and measure the customer experience with each channel. Helping clients maximize and prioritize their investment to drive future business success.